For the first time and only for a limited time, on Wednesdays every week, Dr. Nataleah Rose Schotte is “sitting down” with you to provide clarity and personal guidance at this crucial time at the beginning of this Nature Year to set in motion the new spiritual cycle.


What to Expect?

Working with the Ascended Masters and tuning in to your body and heart, Dr. Schotte will unveil to you what is truly happening within. You will be given a mirror to your Soul and a path to the gentle blossoming of your most authentic Self.

These sessions are not predictive in nature. They are designed as powerful interventions through which you are able to take a leap in consciousness and transform your life more rapidly.

Real healing is going to happen in the moment and it will be beautiful!

Be prepared to feel deeply and

Experience the revelation of your supreme Self –

Your Soul.

  • Be prepared to feel deeply and experience the revelation of your Self

    1 hr


P.O. Box 3339

Grand Rapids, MI 49501

Tel: 616-233-2535


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